Funny Video of taste test prank in Busy mall

The video was made in a crowded mall, tell these people in the test drink, but his eyes were closed, the test of time, then brought his desk. OK
take a look ...

Funny people

This video will make you laugh, the humor of the person who recorded cameras. Very funny

The best funny & Amazing Moments

This video he inadvertently recorded the camera
here there was a car racing time, despite his own car tires

Funny accidents

In this video there was a funny incident, a man riding a bicycle while in front of the camera style, but he did not see in front of her car

Aircraft Accidents

This is a mix of plane and helicopter crashes wich you may find desturbing

Funny cats

The 7 funniest Cat and dog videos EVER

The funniest chin face video ever

Very funny cat 1

Star wars [john Williams is the man] "medley"

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